Triangle EXPOSED! is in the early planning stages to provide photographic services for TriangleGameNight’s Zombie Nerf-Gun Battle in October (2017)


Our team is working with  Erin Dunphy Dean, the owner of, to provide event coverage for “THE” Zombie Nerf-Gun Battle in October!  What is a Zombie, Nerf-Gun battle you ask?  It is cosplay at its dirtiest and finest.  Real make-up artists will create zombie, art-gore

 and the survivors of the apocalypse will be dressed in army fatigue, a standard play and theme on the still popular zombie genre.

Every event we cover has its own  challenges and this one is no different.  Our plan is to play the role of embedded reporters documenting six survivor missions.  The missions include venturing into the darkness to find supplies with the last mission being an all-out fight to protect the camp against the zombie hordes.  If five zombies breach the camp’s perimeters, the survivors die and the game goes to the zombies.    

In addition to protecting our gear and ourselves from pool  noodles and stray nerf darts our challenge is to be in the right place at the right time.  We must capture the zombie/survivor interactions in the dark and without affecting the game  play.  

We are looking forward to meeting this photographic challenge and creating some epic photos.  All proceeds from the event are going to Extra Life .  

All images and artwork are copyright of their respective owners.

We are a dedicated group of professional photographers providing photographic event coverage of all types.  Erin Dunphy Dean is the event organizer and owner of several businesses in the Triangle. Visit here for more information, or to participate in the Zombie Nerf Gun Battle


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